Rates are based on number of rooms rented and number of guests staying.

Whether you rent VILLA SELALU as a single couple or group of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 people, the villa is exclusively yours during your stay.

Rental includes full-time staff and all facilities the villa has to offer, plus full complimentary breakfast.

1 x King Bedroom with en-suite (1-2 guests)
– IDR. 6.000.000 per night

2 x King Bedrooms with en-suite (2-4 guests)
– IDR. 7.500.000 per night

3 x King Bedrooms with en-suite (3-6 guests)
– IDR. 9.500.000 per night

4 x King Bedrooms with en-suite (4-8 guests)
– IDR. 12.500.000 per night

ADDITIONAL KING SINGLE BED (maximum 1 x bed per room)
– IDR. 550.000 per night

BABY COT for infant under 3 years is complimentary

ADDITIONAL BEDROOM (converted entertainment room; 1 x King bed 1-2 guests). Is only available when booking all four (4) bedrooms
– IDR. 1.500.000 per night



Seasonal lunch and dinner menus are specially created by our in-house chef and charged per person according to selection. 


Provisions for self-catering are charged at cost plus 20% to cover transporting to the island and handling. 

Alcohol and beverages will be charged on consumption.

For more details on fully catered menus or self catered provisions please enquire via our Contact page