Rates are based on number of rooms rented and number of guests staying.

Whether you rent VILLA SELALU as a single couple or group of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 people, the villa is exclusively yours during your stay.

Rental includes full-time staff and all facilities the villa has to offer, plus full complimentary breakfast.

1 x King Bedroom with en-suite (1-2 guests)
– IDR. 6.000.000 per night

2 x King Bedrooms with en-suite (2-4 guests)
– IDR. 7.500.000 per night

3 x King Bedrooms with en-suite (3-6 guests)
– IDR. 9.500.000 per night

4 x King Bedrooms with en-suite (4-8 guests)
– IDR. 12.500.000 per night

ADDITIONAL KING SINGLE BED (maximum 1 x bed per room)
– IDR. 550.000 per night

BABY COT for infant under 3 years is complimentary

ADDITIONAL BEDROOM (converted entertainment room; 1 x King bed 1-2 guests). Is only available when booking all four (4) bedrooms
– IDR. 1.500.000 per night



Seasonal lunch and dinner menus are specially created by our in-house chef and charged per person according to selection. 


For more details on our menus please enquire via our Contact page