• Gili Gede is known as one of the “secret gilis” – they are a group of small islands off the coast of southwest Lombok. With a length of 4km x 1.6km at its widest point – at the “dog nose” as its known, the island is quite long and narrow
  • Gede is home to five small villages of approximately 1,000 inhabitants who are predominantly fisherman
  • Pearl farming is still practiced in some parts of the island
  • Paved tracks run along most of the coastline making it ideal for bike riding or walking
  • The island sits with a sheltered bay and is suitable for sailing or pleasure cruising
  • There are long stretches of pristine beach fringed by coral perfect for diving and snorkelling
  • Villa Selalu overlooks the splendour of this natural paradise


  • The weather on Gili Gede is warm all year round varying from 25 – 35 degrees celsius
  • The water temperature ranges between a balmy 26 – 29 degrees celsius 
  • The tropical rains come in Summer (December to February) with dramatic skies, beautiful light and lush green hills
  • Winter is June to August and water visibility this time of year is crystal clear making it ideal for snorkelling and diving