• Gili Gede is a unique island with a delicately balanced ecosystem and we are working closely with the island community, local and regional governments to protect its pristine condition
  • Local village families are part of Villa Selalu’s staff and they maintain the gardens and upkeep of the beach environment and coconut grove
  • Fresh water is precious – Villa Selalu’s unique architecture is designed to capture tropical rainwater for use within the estate
  • The villa has a large organic garden that provides fresh produce  for our chefs to incorporate into our seasonal menus
  • We do our very best to reduce the usage of disposable plastics within the Villa and compost 90% of food waste 
  • Shampoos and conditioners are provided free of aggressive chemicals – good for your body, good for the island
  • The villa is run on generator power

Villa Selalu is designed to showcase the beauty of Gili Gede whilst leaving the lightest environmental footprint on this unique part of the world